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Moon (teaser)

Friday, May 8th, 2009 11:30 am—Film

Moon (UK 2009, Sci-Fi/Thriller), Writers: Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker; Director: Duncan Jones

Moon isn’t scheduled for wide release until July, but I can’t wait that long to post about it. I’m so excited to see this movie! Check out the trailer; it’s haunting. And especially exciting for me given that I’m in the process of finalizing the content for Astrorocket, my new children’s book about space travel.

The Moon trailer says it all, so I won’t get into a plot summary. I can’t wait to see it because of the fantastic mood created in the trailer, the subject matter (space has always completely blown my mind, and the more I think and learn about it, the less I can believe it… it’s too big to fit inside one mind) and the talent. Lead actor Sam Rockwell has been involved in some pretty interesting work (Basquiat, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind).

Also, Moon looks unique and ballsy. I’m always drawn to movies that take risks, like a sci-fi that revolves around one person in isolation, and relies on intelligence rather than falling back on special effects.

Check out this interview with writer/director Duncan Jones, in which he talks about the response Moon got at a recent NASA screening (among other things). And keep Moon on your horizon! I’ll definitely post about it once I see it.

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  1. bbb

    this movie does look good!

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