Wonderpress is my Ottawa-based publishing shingle, inspired by my three nephews and their limitless capacity for wonder—about the world, everything in it and everything beyond. I launched Wonderpress in 2008 to put out a series of children’s books for the boys: Dinostory for Jonathan, Astrorocket for Isaac and Zootopia for David.

Since then, Wonderpress has expanded into online publishing with the website Kickass Canadians, which I founded to celebrate inspiring Canadians. Through that initiative, I published a limited edition photobook called WIDE OPEN: A Canadian Perspective. All proceeds from WIDE OPEN went to CARE Canada.

The latest Wonderpress release is a children’s book called Now That I’m Here. Written in tribute to a young girl named Kate Drury, the book will help raise awareness of mitochondrial disease, with profits going to the CHEO Research Institute.

I continue to dream up ideas for other publications, so visit this space to see which ones make it into waking life.

Now That I'm Here

Play for me, run for me, laugh hard and dream big for me

This loving, uplifting story offers families and educators an entry point to helping children understand illness and loss. All profits go to CHEO.

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Wide Open: A Canadian Perspective

Discover Canada’s beauty, inside and out

This limited edition photobook features Canadian photographs and Kickass Canadian quotes. It was first sold in print to raise funds for CARE Canada.

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Enter the world of animals in a most unusual way

A young boy’s trip to the zoo takes him around the world and to the limits of his imagination.

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Explore the universe around you

Isaac and his bear Frank always believed they would get to space one day. Little did they know that their secret treasure collection was the key to making their dream come true.

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Discover the truth about the dinosaurs

Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs became extinct, leaving only fossils as evidence of their existence. Or did they…?

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